So many parts of life can be automated if you prefer them to be. By embracing humanity—by leaning into the human connection between client and advisor—your financial practice will be a breath of fresh air for people lost in the shuffle of an automated world.

How do you reinvent your advisory practice in a fast-paced industry? In this 7-part blog series, Mike Cozart, Cornerstone Financial Network managing partner, answers pressing questions facing financial advisors. Today’s question is Part 3.


How Can a Financial Advisor Have a Relationship-Driven Approach to Business?

When you buy groceries, do you use the self check-out, or do you go through the cashier’s line? When you stay at a hotel, do you check in electronically if possible, or do you head to the lobby check-in no matter what?

The question “Does automation help us or hurt us?” is a nuanced conversation that can become really philosophical really fast—especially as controversial artificial intelligence becomes mainstream.

Automation has its share of proven success stories across the decades, but there’s still value in the warmth that can only be found through human interaction. The relationship between advisor and client is always best stewarded by focusing on the humanity in that connection rather than the transactional nature of the business.


It’s a Person, Not a Transaction

When you and the advisors in your practice guide a client through their financial journey, look beyond the task to see the person the task serves.

If all the client wanted was a generic financial plan, they could fill out any basic survey found through a 10-second Google search, receive a paint-by-numbers list of action items, and call it a day. Instead, they approached you with their business. Lean into their needs, be mindful of their goals, and care for them as a person.


Put It In Action

Now it’s time for my favorite part of each blog post: when I get to learn from you! Leave a comment sharing one way you embrace the humanity of financial advisorship. Do you go out of your way to remember the names of your clients’ family members? Do you send them a hand-written note of appreciation around the holiday season? I can’t wait to read your replies. I might just share a few responses with everyone in the next blog post!