How do you reinvent your advisory practice in a fast-paced industry? In this 7-part blog series, Mike Cozart, Cornerstone Financial Network managing partner, answers pressing questions facing financial advisors.


What Core Principles Should a Financial Advisor Reinvest into Their Advisory Practice?

You blink and the world’s changed. As soon as you finally get the hang of the last iPhone update, Apple unveils its Vision Pro headset. The moment you complete a trendy new office space for employees, the whole design is out of date.

At Cornerstone, our slogan is “Leading you forward.” The challenge of leading you forward is that “forward” is a moving target itself.


6 Steps Toward Progress

Let’s face it: whether we’re talking about financial practices or Coca-Cola, there’s no secret formula for anything. Success is more often preceded by basic principles executed well. That being said, reinventing your advisory practice is easier said than done, but the strategies to do so are simpler than you think.

To lead your practice into its sustainable, relevant future, apply these ideals:

  • Understand the market.
  • Embrace humanity.
  • Engage with clients on a personal level.
  • Manage your workload smartly.
  • Leverage technology.
  • Integrate teams.


Put It In Action

Those steps sound nice, but how do you actually implement them? This is just the beginning of our 7-part blog series, and I’m excited to dive into these ideas further in the weeks to come. We’ll unpack how each of the values above can lead you forward and reinvent your practice for the better.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. Of the 6 steps we’ve discussed, which can you improve upon the most? Leave a comment below and interact with others. Collectively is how we make the best impact, and I know someone will be encouraged by what you say.