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Jerome Kremers

Jerome Kremers, Vice President of Media and Technology

Jerome Kremers has a deep passion for media and technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication from the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, with a minor in studio art, and Jerome serves as the Vice President of Media and Technology at Cornerstone Financial Network, where he plays a pivotal part in the strategic growth and measurement of quality of the company.  Before stepping into the world of finance, Jerome spent six years as a photojournalist, covering news across Arkansas, some notable excursions include his coverage on the 500-year Arkansas River flood, the Coronavirus epidemic, and the George Floyd protests. This experience in the field of media provided him with a deep understanding of storytelling and the power of visual communication.  Jerome shares his life with a wonderful wife and daughter, who he adores, and when not immersed in the worlds of finance and technology, Jerome enjoys spending time with them creating games and exploring the NWA area. He's an avid creator of art in various mediums including film, charcoal, digital art, and when given the chance, letter-pressing.

Kyle Dillard

Kyle Dillard, Web Developer

As the Web Developer for Cornerstone Financial Network, Kyle is passionate about developing robust and scalable websites. He enjoys expanding his knowledge and following the advancement of technology's progress, with special interest in web development and databases. He collaborates closely with departments across CFN, closely monitoring multiple projects from illustration to completion. He is always eager to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the software industry.  While not writing software, he also loves hiking, playing board games, and making good salsa.

Zach Mitchell

Zachary Mitchell, Social Media Manager

Zach Mitchell plays a multifaceted role within CFN's media department, assuming the pivotal positions of technical director, video editor, and social media manager. His responsibilities extend across departments, as he works in close collaboration with all teams to ensure the creation of exceptionally professional and top-tier content. Before joining CFN, Zach demonstrated his videography skills as the videographer for the Missouri Southern State University Lions' football team, capturing practices, games, and producing highlight videos.

Julio Bonilla

Julio Bonilla, IT Manager

Julio is an IT professional with a passion for technology and cybersecurity. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas, he has honed his skills in programming, mathematics, and cybersecurity. His concentration in cybersecurity equips him to safeguard digital assets and ensure seamless technology infrastructure. In his role at Cornerstone Financial Network (CFN), Julio plays a pivotal part in the company’s success from enabling efficient communication, swiftly resolving technical issues, and maintaining a robust technology ecosystem.When not immersed in code, Julio enjoys physical pursuits. Whether lifting weights, cycling on warm days, or hiking the picturesque trails of Northwest Arkansas (NWA), he finds solace in the great outdoors. His love for music leads him to attend EDM concerts and festivals, always with ear protection—a testament to his practical approach. Julio also relishes computer games with online friends and card games with close companions. His dream? To explore different countries across the world and to own his own business where he can develop his skills as a full-stack developer, project manager, and cybersecurity officer.

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